DIY Fringe Necklace

Hi loves,

Today i experimented on creating a fringe necklace from an old T-Shirt and these are the results !!!

1. First you will need  a t-shirt that you don’t wear any more or you want to get rid off and a scissor !!


2. You start cutting horizontally in thin lines the bottom of the t-shirt and cut the neck part too.


You can cut the lenth of the strands until you reach your desired width .


3. Once you collect about 20 strips tou stretch them out .Now take the round part of the neck and a streched strip and using a square knot tie it around it as seen.img1438369870557

4. It’s very easy and a fun think to do cause in a few seconds you will have your own beautiful handmade necklace 🙂


5. Now your necklace is ready!!! If you like you can shape it as you wish , for example “V” shape. You can carefully cut the string ends to form V .


The perfect accessoire for your daily outfit !! You could also use more t-shirt strings to be more extravagant or you could also add some colored beads to make it more ethnic 🙂

img1438507229643Have a great day loves, thank you once again for EVERYTHING 🙂 ohh and very soon i will introduce you to a very special friend of mine, a young greek designer Ioanna from stekia pantou …

Kisses and don’t forget to smile and make things that make you happy 🙂 🙂

22 thoughts on “DIY Fringe Necklace

  1. Φανταστικό diy Μαρία !!! Υπέροχο σχέδιο και τέλειο χρώμα !!! Απίστευτο τι μπορείς να κάνεις μ’ένα απλό t-shirt!!! Πολλά φιλιά !!! Καλή σου μέρα !!!

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  2. What a good idea ! I love recycling all sorts of things in jewelry. Your necklace is great and, as you say, from this awesome project, you can imagine different pieces with beads and colours. Thank you for sharing this nice idea

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