A vintage walk with CHARLIE

Hi loves, it’s been a while but I trully am in my creative mood period and a lot of things are happening right now !!! Today it’s Saturday…. The happiest day of the week, in my mind Saturday is combined with fun night walks, drinks, friends , endless conversations which end up with laughs ,smiles and cool places to visit at night !

One of the most beautiful and unique places to enjoy a quality drink with friends is CHARLIE-sip of Vintage -in my home town Thessaloniki !

Charlie -sip of vintage-
Charlie -sip of vintage-Thessaloniki Kalapothaki Str.6

I love this place cause it’s not just another wine bar or cocktail bar with numerous of (water-sugared) wines and endless lists of fancy cocktails which are served with colorful little umbrellas , fireworks and other annoying decorative things! It’s a magical journey to the vintage period of 1900-1920 with many decorative influences of that time !

Interior design influenced by the period 1900-1920
Interior design influenced by the period 1900-1920

The whole idea of ” CHARLIE ” is to bring the retro period 1900-1920 alive !!! Embracing  the Art of preparing and serving a drink in the original  old fashioned way of that decades and enjoy it’s quality till the last drop !!!


The creators of this amazing place  is my dearest friend Mirodis Kaponis and his brother , Mirodis is a great business man who knows and Rules the night life of Thessaloniki for many decades now, he really succeeded in this project and together with his Brother they managed to bring back the meaning of fun nights with the original touch of the “good oldies”.  It’s not just a Bar it’s the combination of a unique vintage place with a very high quality drink list ! It’s a wonderful journey to the past in which you can have the pleasure to taste true, straight drinks and cocktails with sounds of jazz, swing, soul and funk rock !


“CHARLIE” is also well known for it’s amazing list of Gins, over 35 international original etiquettes of Gin ! One of my favorite cocktails i enjoyed there ,based on Gin , was Negroni! If you are today in the mood of a good quality drink I have this excellent Negroni recipe :


CHARLIE original Negroni cocktail recipe ( as seen above) :

30 ml Gin

30 ml Red sweet Vermout

30 ml Campari

Do not shake , just mix it for one minute in a wide glass with ice and afterwords serve it in a low glass with ice cubes and a slice of orange! It’s perfect trust me!


If you happen to be in Thessaloniki don’t miss this place! Make a date with CHARLIE in Kalapothaki Str. 6 Thessaloniki

Enjoy CHARLIE’s company everyday from 18:00 till…. 🙂

Today’s Quote inspired by CHARLIE – sip of Vintage :




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