Backpacks a TREND ON FIRE

Hi loves I hope you all doing well 🙂

Today I want to share with you my newest obsession ” fashion Backpacks” ! They are an amazing accessory because of their functionality and their enormous variety of shape , color and style .

For sure it’s a great -go -to -for classes but you can also rock the style if you aren’t heading back to school. Whether you’re heading out for shopping or a nightwalk with your friends, the backpack is definitely  your fashion statement!
It goes with pretty much anything but I wouldn’t like to see a backpack with a very formal outfit 😦 !

The next backpacks are really inspirational , I pretty much love them all and have them for a long time in my wish list 🙂 we are talking about high fashioned labels that rockkkkk!!!!!

So let’s get started ……


  1. Chanel graffiti backpack! It’s something that I couldn’t imagine that this kind of label would include in it’s exclusive collection! Way too expensive …but there are several you tube videos on how you can create something similar 🙂  ( photo via Chanel official )


2. FENDI peekaboo backpack ! What a great funny idea! I love this bag such a smart and happy accessory to carry with you 🙂  ( photo via FENDI Runway official ) … this case a can suggest you something similar :


Iraklis Pantsios backpack ,price 49€
Iraklis Pantsios backpack ,price 49€

3. Moschino leather backpack , it’s certainly a fashion statement , trully a genius idea! ( photo via moschino official ) image

….but for those who don’t have 2,180€ to spend i have an alternative suggestion it directly here:

Passarella boutique , price 25€ you can order it online
Passarella boutique on Facebook, price 25€ you can order it online

4. Louis Vuitton classic line Backpack , I love this minimal androgyn style ,this bag can be your company for many decades  . (photo via Louis Vuitton officiel)


5. McM studded backpack , one of my favorite bags , you can find it in many colors and sizes !

Photo via MCM officiel
Photo via MCM officiel

If you like this kind of style a have a perfect suggestion for you …. GAK the FASHION store 

GAK the fashion store , Only 18€
GAK the fashion store ,
Only 18€

6. VALENTINO backpack, I dream of this bag, wonderful colors great studded details !

Photo via Valentino officiel
Photo via Valentino officiel

7. HERMES BACKPACK , embracing minimalism with an eye catching bright color !

Photo via HERMES officiel
Photo via HERMES officiel

Next time your outfit is feeling a littlebit boring,  add a backpack as the perfect touch of style excitement.

…..quote of the day printed on a backpack….


Kisses Maria

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