Winter home

hi loves, it’s been a while but i’m so happy posting this article 🙂

Well I have been in some interior exhibitions and have seen so many wonderful things and ideas but first  something else 🙂

I’m super excited and happy for my amazing gifts from the talented team Mess Project /

Mess Project is a group of successful , creative Greek artists , who not only create unique prints, posters , invitations but also design phone cases and many other beautiful things!!

see more of mess Project in their etsy shop / Facebook : http//

Tumbr :

These are the Quote Prints I got as present ❤


This quote is my fav !!!! 🙂

if you also want to decorate your home and “lonely” walls with beautiful prints and posters don’t forget to visit mess project I’m sure you ‘lol find something interesting 😉

…..and for the end I want to share with you my winter  home deco  perhaps you’ll find some new ideas in decorating you own home 🙂


Tea, cinnamon, Christmas bisquits , orange

Candles in every corner for a warmer atmosphere !


…and my new winter entries !!! Sunglasses : NewYorker , fur hat : Stöhr





12 thoughts on “Winter home

  1. Love… love… love everything!!! So many fantastic ideas for winter and Christmas decoration!!! So stylish and artful!!! Well done, Maria!!! Great post and photos!!! Wish you a beautiful day!!! Many hugs and kisses!!!

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