Minimal make up

Hi loves,

Today i’m going to show you my very special minimal make up for less than 45€….

All the beauty products are from popular brands but low-cost 😉


FOUNDATION : VICHY Dermablend, a total “must have” if you want to spend less than 18 € for a foundation ! The results are amazing and long-lasting:-) it gives a total coverage, twice the coverage of a traditional foundation with a blendable moisturising texture that provides a natural skin tone!


Eyebrow pencil : Peggy Sage maroon. A great Pensil sharpener that includes a brush for an accurate and professional result , for less than 8€

Lipstick: Peggy Sage , I was really positively surprised by the results of this product, I usually don’t like mat lipsticks cause they dry quickly my lips but this lipstick is long lasting leaving a creamy feeling to my lips!

Eye brow mascara gel : essence , this mascara contains little tiny fibers that fill in all the gabs for beautifully defined eyebrows ! ( P.S i also used it for my eyelashes and the results were good) .

This is how I looked …..


Oh at last I want to thank my beloved cosmetic Studio Mkosmetik for the Peggy Sage beauty products and the valuable beauty tips :- )


Thank you all for your support, love, mails and wishes!!! I wish you all a great week full of smiles and creativity and have this quote below on your Mind :


Kisses …Maria



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