Easy Yves….

Hi loves,

It”s a “quicky” one….

I wanted to share with you my excitement about the new lipstick of YSL …just arrived on my front door and couldn’t wait to introduce it to you!!!


I’ve also got the amazing “shocking” mascara and the new Kajal eyeliner from Yves Saint Laurent 🙂


The new color is called Vernis A Levres No 200.

It certainly is worth buying cause it hydrates quickly the lips , it keeps them stained smoothly with no blochyness!



The color is fresh , shiny and Sexy, it has a lightweight texture which immediately melts onto lips !!! Just great for a date !


This is an outfit inspiration for some friends who texted me how to combine a fur scarf with a casual outfit …




Thank you for reading the Dirty Chic Diary !!!

These days i’m going to introduce you a unique fashion Store of Ioannina Greece which is one of my favorite shopping highlights 🙂

Take care and smile…..


Kisses Maria!!!


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