Moments & Trends

Hi loves,

After a long  while here we are again 🙂

These are some moments i ‘d like to share with you ….

My vacations in beautiful Greece…i was for a few weeks in Halkidiki/ Greece , one of the most beautiful places there! Amazing beaches , great natur and wild night Life ! You can combine sightseeing  , discovering wild woods , natural bays and diving into the blue waters of the meditteranean see!



A floral swimming suit from my lovely brand PIMKIE …i love this vintage style are always in style with an elegant touch
For a night walk i always prefer simple lines and always right! This is a total Look from a greek fashion Brand


These are only few from my vacay fotos i try to capture as many moments as i can !

Life is a collection of little precious moments !!! …collect and capture these moments , have them in your mind and your heart …trust me in  difficulties  you can always “search” these memories and feel complete and happy again !!

Live your life to the Fullest! Promise it to yourself you deserve It !!!


Maria ♡



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