Coffee ambiente

Hi loves,

This month i had the opportunity  to visit one of the most beautiful cities of Greece, and to be more specific i visited Ioannina city, the Rain City that i like to call.
In my trip there as was walking around , searching for new ideas and inspirations my eye caught a small but very unique cafe , .


It’s located in one of the most famous central pedestrian streets of Ioannina at Markou Mpotsari Str. 6 .
With my friends we decided to enjoy our coffee there and were really amazed from its strict industrial style  mixed with a joyful slice of colors !

10881704_1521694338089778_6379497868546256902_nI was positively surprised  by the name Molinari Xelecto. collaborates exclusively with this famous Italian Coffee company sealed with flavors and varieties  .

11081257_1560539164205295_3042190893493961220_nThrough a quick glance at cafe  , I realized that the youthful stuff  gives the most jovial, friendly and polite character and they certainly won us . It was perhaps the most important factor , being surrounded in a warm enviroment and friendly aura .

10690096_1521694484756430_5372684219035199439_nThe afternoon found us also there enjoying wines and delicious dishes !
If you ever  visit Ioannina make a stop to Cafe i insist !!! 

Of course there are some of you , who are coffee and wine lovers and will not be able to visit this shop, but you can follow that cafeteria

throughout  instagram at spir.to_coffee_bar and also through facebook @Spir.ToCoffeAndBar

Take care😍


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