Insta moments

Hi there,

I’m so happy bloggin again after a long long long time😉

So how are you world?

I’d love to share my latest pics with you…



Lately i’m all the time on the way carrying  clatches or little pochette bags , i’m so over of  these huge city bags with hundreds of litlle things lost in there !!



I also found so cool the idea of leather dungarees as seen on ToPshop and ASOS



Another trend that inspires me a lot these days are  clothes with patches …and  ethnic details


Another trend that i really adore is elegant long coats in beige , camel color, powder pink , or creme …


If you have time to read a book…

Book :How to be a Parisian wherever you are

It’s funny , up to date , easy to read 😂


OMG i’m rediculous in love with them!!! Nike always surprises me…i find them sooo mega cool 😆

They are also available in red and white …

Credits: @skylifeboutique

So loves have a lovely week and don’t forget to smile..

For more  pics check my insta account : @maria_chicdiary



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